Why Drug Addiction is Bad ?


In simpler terms, addiction is a chronic and neuro psychological disorder in the individual. Drug addiction is a situation where a person becomes trapped in the vicious cycle of consuming drugs. A person starts consuming drugs either by their own choice or, in today’s time, because of peer pressure. Drug addiction is a phase where the abuser cannot imagine his life without consuming drugs. Abusers have a strong sense of only consuming drugs and ignoring other daily chores. It is correctly stated that drugs have a negative impact on the mental health of the drug abuser. Consuming drugs for medical purposes in the form of prescribed and approved medicines by professionals is altogether a different thing, but being a drug addict has harmful effects on the life of the person. This article provides a general overview of why drug addiction is bad.

Harmful effects of drug addiction?

There are many adverse effects that a drug abuser is going to face in the long run. Due to the advent of modernization, today’s youth is mad over consuming drugs in the form of cocaine, etc., and is ready to pay a hefty amount for procuring the drugs. Drug addiction can have a negative impact on the physical and mental health of the abuser. Drugs lead to a weaker immune system and also cause liver and kidney disease. Drugs in the forms of marijuana, cocaine, and heroin affect the reward circuit of the brain. Drugs that enter the body through injection have an immediate effect on the body as they directly enter the bloodstream. For more information click WHO Drug information.

Drug addiction can interfere with brain activity and performance. There are high chances that a drug addict will die of a heart attack. A drug addict will suffer abdominal pain, which can cause nausea, anxiety, and depression. Although drugs are consumed to get high, this is because the drug targets the brain’s reward circuit and changes the person’s mood and instincts to the point where he feels euphoria. Drugs have a tendency to change the behaviour of the abuser, as they can cause hallucinations, loss of self-control, impulsiveness, impaired judgement, etc.

How do you prevent drug addiction?

However, there is no hard and fast rule for preventing drug addiction, but here are some tips that might help drug abusers come to terms with the situation. The best thing that can help prevent drug addiction is communication with the drug abuser. Therapy is also a good way of overcoming drug addiction. The best way to prevent drug abuse is to think positively and deal with life’s problems in a balanced way. People often fall into the trap of drugs because of work and family pressure, so there is a need to develop a balanced approach between work and family.


Drug addiction is a relapsing disorder in which an individual becomes trapped in the vicious cycle of consuming drugs, which deteriorates his physical and mental health. Drugs have severe effects on the brain as well as on the heart and increase the death rates of drug abusers.